Choose a seat on the plane

When traveling on Armenian Airlines flights, you can choose a seat that is convenient for you in the cabin of the aircraft.

Seat options

Economy class

First rows and exit rows

  • Up to 40 % more legroom
  • Time saving during boarding and deboarding

2nd to 4th row

  • For those who like to be the 1st to deboard
  • First rows seats

Other seats

  • It’s for you to choose whether to enjoy spectacular scenery from the window or sit near the aisle

How to get the service?

  • When booking a ticket

    In an agency or on our web site

  • After the booking

    In «My booking» page

  • When checking-in

    • During online check-in
      Less 24 hours to the departure
    • When checking-in at the airport

The payment shall be made by VISA and MasterCard bank cards

The cost of choosing a place

The cost of each type of accommodation depends on the tariff and will be presented when choosing a service.

Levels and geography of the application of the fee (currency of the country of origin of transportation)

  • Country of origin of transportation/ USD:

    CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine)
    Europe (Turkey)
    Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, Morocco, Algeria, South Africa, Madagascar)
    countries of the Western hemisphere (including Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico,
    Middle East countries (UAE, Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Oman, Syria, Egypt,
         Jordan, Palestine, Qatar, Israel, Kuwait, Sudan, Yemen)
    Asia (India, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Macau, Mongolia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar(Burma),
         Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Brunei)

  • Country of origin of transportation/ EUR:

    CIS countries, except Armenia (Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova,
         Uzbekistan, Tajikistan)
    Europe (Bulgaria, Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Malta, Portugal,
         Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Albania, Serbia, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Liechtenstein,
         Luxembourg, Montenegro, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Finland, Hungary, Switzerland,
         Great Britain, Norway)
    African countries(Tunisia)
    any State that is not in the list of countries

The cost of choosing a seat

  • Economy class

    Comfortable seats

    Seats in the 1st row

    40 $/ €

    Seats near emergency exits (row 11 and 25)

    25 $/ €

    Other seats

    Seats from 2nd to 4th row

    15 $/ €

    Seats from 5th to 10th row, near the airplane window

    12 $/ €

    Seats from 5th to 10th row, near the aisle and in the middle a block of chairs

    8 $/ €

    Seats from the 12th to the 37th row, near the airplane window

    8 $/ €

    Seats from the 12th to the 37th row, near the aisle and in the middle of the block of seats

    7 $/ €

    Information on the refund of the "Seat Selection" service:

    —  a voluntary refund is allowed for more than 4 hours before the flight departure;

    —  there is no refund of the service cost 4 hours or less before the flight departure.

    The moment of refusal of the service is considered to be the return of the EMD (receipt containing information about the service). The time of the service status change to XX (cancellation) is not taken into account when the service fee is refunded.

  • Notes


    We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, in accordance with safety requirements, there are restrictions on the placement of passengers in the seats in the emergency exit row. In the event of an emergency, passengers stationed at the emergency exits /hatches should provide assistance to the crew of the aircraft. It is for this reason that these places are not available for preliminary (online) registration and are not provided:

    • Passengers with children;
    • Unaccompanied children (UM);
    • Passengers under the age of 18;
    • Pregnant women;
    • Elderly passengers (65+);
    • Passengers who do not speak the language of the crew;
    • Passengers being deported (expelled from the country by state authorities);
    • Passengers not allowed into the country of entry (whose entry into the country is prohibited by local authorities);
    • Passengers transported under guard;
    • Passengers with disabilities;
    • Passengers with obvious physical and mental disabilities;
    • Visually impaired passengers with guide dogs;/li>
    • Visually impaired passengers without guide dogs;
    • Patients on stretchers;
    • Passengers with pets;
    • Passengers with service dogs.

    Please be prepared for the fact that the crew members will ask you to take another seat in the cabin of the aircraft, if you are mistakenly given a boarding pass for seats at the emergency exit at the check-in desk.

    In case of purchase of services for such passengers, the Airline reserves the right to relocate such passengers without reimbursement of the cost of the service.

    In case of replacement of the aircraft, it is possible to change seats. Passengers who have paid for the "Seat Selection" service will be provided with seats on the plane that are similar in price and comfort while maintaining the following parameters:

    • The cost of the service;
    • Location of the seat relative to the window/aisle;
    • Joint seating, if one was chosen initially;
    • Placement in the first row of the salon, if such was chosen initially.