Armenian Airlines increases the number of Georgia flights

16 Aug

The Armenian Airlines increases the number of flights from the capital of Armenia to Georgia. Starting from 27th August the third route per week appears in the schedule and it is to be operated with a comfortable Airbus 321 aircraft with full 220 seat capacity.

Flight Route Flight Days Time of departure / arrival* Flight
JI-300 Yerevan - Batumi Each Tuesday&Friday, and as of August 27th, also each Sunday 02:00 – 02:55 55 mins
JI-301 Batumi - Yerevan Each Tuesday&Friday 03:55 – 05:00 1 h. 5 mins
As of August 27th - each Sunday 03:55 – 04:55 1 hour

* the local time of each airport is indicated here

We gently remind you that due to this flight our passengers from Russia are able to take the transfer flights from the Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow to Batumi with a transfer/connection in the city of Yerevan.

For travelers from Batumi to Moscow there are two connections options available, the waiting time of each connection is:

  • for immediate departure – 1 hour 5 minutes;
  • for those who wish to experience one day in Yerevan – 12 hours.

See you aboard!

Learn more about the relevant timetable and the booking of the tickets at the Airlines official website

Armenian Airlines was established in December 2022 and nowadays operates direct regular flights from Yerevan Zvartnots International Airport to Moscow, Sochi and Samara. The key priorities of the Carrier are to ensure flight safety and provide a high level of service, with hospitality of the Republic of Armenia. The Airlines is aimed at the expansion at the international routes network, as well as strengthening the model of comfortable connection flights through Yerevan, with basis on the existing routes.