Preflight and post-flight inspections

In order to ensure flight safety, passengers, baggage and hand luggage, undergo mandatory pre–flight inspection, and, if necessary, post-flight inspections. Preflight inspection is carried out after passenger registration, and when performing international flights before or after border control and customs control, or in cases established by international treaties of the Republic of Armenia, republican laws, and other types of control.

Pre-flight and post-flight inspections at the airport are carried out by the aviation security service (transport security unit), including dog handlers who have undergone appropriate special training and have a certificate (certificate), with service dogs. Conducting a pre-flight inspection does not exclude the possibility of conducting an inspection when carrying out operational search, criminal procedure and other activities by authorized persons in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

Passengers with diplomatic status, who have diplomatic immunity, as well as paramedics, accompanying correspondence, are inspected on a general basis, except in the following cases, stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

Passengers in a wheelchair, unable to move independently, or patients on stretchers (on crutches, in wheelchairs), passengers with implanted devices that stimulate cardiac activity are subject to manual inspection, and their accompanying persons undergo inspection on a general basis.

If a passenger refuses to be examined, Armenian Airlines has the right to terminate the air carriage agreement unilaterally, with reimbursement of the transportation fee in accordance with the Rules of the carrier and the Rules of the carrier's Tariffs.

In accordance with the rules of pre-flight and post-flight inspections, it is prohibited to carry the following dangerous substances and items on board the aircraft in checked baggage and in things with passengers.

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