Passenger transportation

General provisions

A passenger with a ticket must go through the check-in and baggage clearance procedure at the departure airport, as well as transport (aviation) security control, and boarding control on board the aircraft. When traveling on an international route, the passenger must also pass customs, passport, and, if necessary, migration, sanitary, quarantine, veterinary, phytosanitary and other types of control.

In international transportation, the passenger must have exit, entry and other documents issued in accordance with the established procedure, required in accordance with the legislation of the country, to, from or through the territory where the transportation will be carried out.

Preflight and post-flight inspections

Pre-flight and post-flight inspections at the airport are carried out by the aviation security service (transport security unit), including dog handlers who have undergone appropriate special training and have a certificate (certificate), with service dogs.

Passengers with diplomatic status, who have diplomatic immunity, as well as couriers accompanying correspondence, are inspected on a general basis, except in cases provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

Passengers in a wheelchair, unable to move independently, or patients on stretchers (on crutches, in wheelchairs), passengers with implanted devices that stimulate cardiac activity, are subject to manual inspection, and their accompanying persons are inspected on a general basis.

Conducting a pre-flight inspection does not exclude the possibility of conducting an inspection when carrying out operational search, criminal procedure and other activities by authorized persons in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

Preflight inspection is carried out after passenger registration, and when performing international flights before or after border control and customs control, or in cases established by international treaties of the Republic of Armenia, republican laws, and other types of control.

If a passenger refuses to be inspected, Armenian Airlines LLC has the right to terminate the air carriage contract unilaterally, with reimbursement of payment for transportation in accordance with these Carrier rules and the rules for the application of Carrier tariffs.

Passenger check-in and baggage check-out before departure

The passenger must arrive at the airport at the place of ticket registration and baggage clearance in advance to pass the established pre-flight formalities.

The beginning of passenger registration at the airport:

  • at least 3 hours before the departure time of the aircraft specified in the ticket;
  • at different airports, due to their features and technical capabilities, the check-in start time may differ from the time specified in the subparagraph above.

Check-in for flights of Armenian Airlines LLC at the airport ends 40 minutes before the flight departure time.

Note. In case of changes on the flight, the information can be brought to the passenger's attention by means of voice notification and display on airport information monitors.

The passenger, in order to pass the check-in and baggage clearance procedure, must submit an identity document.

Also, if necessary, the passenger must have with him documents certifying the special conditions of carriage of this passenger and his baggage (power of attorney for the child, medical report, veterinary certificate, etc.).

When a passenger checks in at the airport, a boarding pass is issued to the passenger.

Passenger registration can be carried out on the official website of Armenian Airlines LLC and allows the passenger to independently register with the provision of a boarding pass to the passenger in electronic form.

When registering a passenger on the official website of Armenian Airlines LLC, the passenger's boarding pass is issued electronically and sent to the passenger via the communication method specified by the passenger when booking.

When registering a passenger on the official website of Armenian Airlines LLC, the passenger is given the right, at his choice:

  • print the boarding pass yourself;
  • get a boarding pass issued on paper at the airport;
  • use a boarding pass issued in electronic form.

The boarding pass contains:

  • initials and surname of the passenger;
  • flight number, departure date;
  • the end time of boarding the flight;
  • boarding gate number and seat number on board the aircraft;
  • if necessary, other information may be additionally indicated in the boarding pass.
Information about the possibility of using an electronic boarding pass at the airport is provided by the service organization at the airport, as well as on the official website of the airport (if available).

At check-in and/or baggage check-out, the passenger is obliged to present for weighing all baggage intended for carriage as checked baggage.

When passengers check-in, at the request of the Airline or its authorized person, they must present hand luggage for weighing, as well as personal items intended for transportation.

When checking in baggage, the passenger is issued a part (a tear–off coupon) of the numbered baggage tag, and the other part is attached to each piece of baggage accepted for carriage in the baggage compartment of the aircraft (hereinafter referred to as checked baggage). Armenian Airlines LLC, after accepting baggage for carriage, is responsible for the safety of checked baggage and its packaging.

The numbered baggage tag is used to identify each piece of checked baggage and contains information about the passenger's name and surname, baggage weight, flight number, departure date, departure airport and destination airport to which the checked baggage is accepted for carriage. The numbered baggage tag may contain other additional information.

To indicate special conditions of carriage, a special signal baggage tag may additionally be attached to the checked baggage.

In case of refusal of the passenger of the aircraft to pay for the carriage of his baggage in the amount and on the terms provided for by the passenger's air transportation contract, Armenian Airlines LLC has the right to refuse the passenger transportation.

The airline has the right to check all the necessary documents at check-in before the passenger and his baggage are accepted for carriage, and may refuse to transport the passenger if the passenger does not have sufficient grounds or documents to enter a particular country, but is not responsible for the issues of the passenger's relationship with the state services (customs, border, immigration, etc.), unless otherwise provided by international or national legislative documents of the country of departure, transfer, stop or entry.

Armenian Airlines LLC takes all possible measures to co-accommodate on board an aircraft an adult passenger or a passenger who, in accordance with the civil legislation of the Republic of Armenia, has acquired full legal capacity until he reaches the age of eighteen and the next child (children) with him under the age of 12.

Note. When performing some flights, there is a rigid block in the cabin of the aircraft to accommodate crew members and engineering staff. When flying with a reinforced crew, additional seats are blocked. Passengers are strictly prohibited from occupying these categories of seats.

Online check-in

Online check-in involves self-registration of passengers via the Internet on the official website of Armenian Airlines LLC.

Online check-in starts 24 hours before the flight departure and ends 1 hour before the scheduled flight departure. Depending on the fare class, the airline can independently determine and set the start of registration for a particular class of service. Before passing the online check-in, the passenger confirms his familiarization and agreement with the conditions of check-in for the flight, familiarization with the rules of baggage transportation and the Rules of passenger behavior on board posted on the website. When passing the online check-in, the passenger chooses a seat in the aircraft cabin, according to the class of service, prints the boarding pass, and also, if necessary, has the opportunity to cancel the registration.

Note. For a number of destinations, online check-in may start 23 hours before departure or end 4 hours before departure, or may not be available due to technical reasons. Specify the start time and the end of online registration on the official website.

Online check-in is not available to passengers with special requests (transportation of pets, weapons, baggage in a passenger seat, etc.) and passengers in need of additional services, such as escorting passengers with disabilities, escorting a child without parents, etc. The above passengers are checked in at the airport.

After passing the online check-in, the passenger is obliged to present at the check-in desk of his flight at the airport for weighing and registration of all baggage intended for transportation as checked baggage, is also obliged to present for weighing hand luggage, backpack, baby cradle, baby stroller when transporting a child, specified in paragraph of the rules Personal items.

The presence of a boarding pass is mandatory for boarding.

Boarding passes on paper are printed by the passenger independently on A4 paper. If the passenger was unable to print the boarding pass at home, he can receive it at the check-in desks at the departure airport no later than 5 minutes before the end of check-in for the flight. About the possibility of using an electronic boarding pass at the airport, it is necessary to pay attention to the following point Rules.

Note. In some foreign destinations, after passing the online check-in, the passenger will be notified of the need to contact the check-in desk at the airport to receive a boarding pass of the standard established by the airport.


The passenger must arrive at the boarding gate no later than the boarding end time specified in the boarding pass.

Boarding of passengers at the boarding gate ends 20 minutes before the departure time of the flight.

The passenger is boarded upon presentation by the passenger of a boarding pass for the corresponding flight and an identity document.

At the boarding gate, the passenger, at the request of the Airline staff or its authorized person, is obliged to present hand luggage, as well as goods purchased in duty-free shops, a backpack, a baby cradle, a baby stroller when transporting a child.

If, during the passenger's boarding procedure and /or on board the aircraft, the Airline staff or its authorized person reveals a piece of hand luggage that the passenger has not declared for carriage, the passenger may be refused transportation.

A passenger who is late by the time of the end of boarding may be refused transportation.

The baggage of a check-in passenger who did not show up for boarding is subject to removal from the aircraft and mandatory inspection.

Passenger service on board the aircraft

Armenian Airlines LLC provides passengers with a range of services on board the aircraft, depending on the type and equipment of the aircraft, the duration of its flight, the time of day during which the flight takes place, as well as the class of service specified in the transportation document. In order to receive the package of services declared by the Airline or additionally ordered, the passenger must take the seat indicated in the boarding pass.

On board the aircraft of Armenian Airlines LLC: passengers are informed about the flight conditions and rules of conduct on board the aircraft; about the locations of the main and emergency exits, about the conditions for leaving the aircraft in emergency situations, as well as about the locations of individual protective equipment and inflatable ladders in the cabin of the aircraft.

Armenian Airlines LLC provides first aid on board the aircraft.


  • meals and hot drinks may not be provided to passengers on board the aircraft if the passenger is informed about the conditions of such service prior to the conclusion of the passenger air transportation contract;
  • meals and hot drinks are provided on flights of Armenian Airlines LLC, depending on the duration of the flight specified in the schedule and the class of service.

Detailed information about the types and quantity of meals provided and the availability of the possibility of purchasing meals on flights of Armenian Airlines LLC is provided when buying a ticket, and is also available in booking systems and on the official website. The Company reserves the right to decide not to provide on-board meals to passengers or to provide paid service.

Smoking on board the aircraft is strictly prohibited, including smoking electronic cigarettes.

Additional seat in the cabin of the aircraft (EXST)

At the request of the passenger, no more than two additional seats can be booked in the aircraft cabin for his comfort (EXST). This service must be agreed in advance with Armenian Airlines LLC (no later than 24 hours before departure).

The passenger is obliged to pay for an additional passenger seat (EXST). For each additional seat in the aircraft cabin, one applicable adult passenger fare is charged.

Booking an additional passenger seat (EXST) in separate (different) bookings is not allowed.

Upon check–in, a passenger who has booked and paid for the EXST service is issued two or three boarding passes - one for the passenger, the second and third for additional seats. The number of the boarding pass for the extra seat corresponds to the number of the boarding pass for the passenger.

Registration of transportation with EXIST is made on one ticket form.

A ticket issued with EXST is subject to one free baggage allowance in accordance with the rules of the applicable fare.

Services «Seat selection» and «Free seat nearby»

«Seat selection» For the comfortable accommodation of passengers and the possibility for the passenger to choose a specific seat in the cabin of the aircraft of Armenian Airlines LLC, the service has been implemented «Seat selection».The terms and conditions of use of the service can be found on the official website.

««Free seat nearby». To guarantee additional free space nearby and the possibility of booking a nearby seat, the "Free Seat nearby" service has been implemented. The service is available to economy class passengers during check-in at the airport if there are enough seats available on the flight. The terms and conditions of use of the service can be found on the official website. The Airline has the right to decide to establish, change or cancel the provision of this service.

Transportation of passengers on preferential terms

Certain categories of citizens have the right to travel by air on preferential terms in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia and the rules of air transportation established by the carrier.

The registration of a transportation document for passengers who have a state privilege is carried out individually upon presentation of documents confirming the right to preferential air transportation established by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia and with the written permission of the carrier.

Transportation of deported passengers from the territory of Armenia (administratively expelled)

Transportation of deported passengers is carried out in accordance with the requirements of state bodies at the expense of the passenger. The IATA Rules provide that the Carrier Airline does not reimburse the passenger for financial losses in case of refusal to enter the destination country and subsequent deportation to the point of initial departure. Moreover, the carrier has the right to demand compensation from the passenger for his financial losses as a result of such transportation.

Transportation of passengers who are not allowed to enter the territory of the destination country

For a passenger who has not been admitted to the territory of the country, who has arrived on an Airline flight, whose entry into the country is prohibited by local authorities for reasons of lack of visas or expired passport, or other reasons, or for whom the competent state authorities have decided to deport from the country, an act of deportation is drawn up by the authorized bodies.

If Armenian Airlines LLC was forced to pay or deposit any amount, pay a fine or provide a financial guarantee due to the passenger's failure to comply with the requirements of applicable laws, failure to declare documents necessary for travel, presentation of forged documents or documents containing false information, the passenger is obliged to reimburse him at the request of Armenian Airlines LLC the amount paid or deposited, as well as all expenses incurred in connection with this.

Transportation of deported passengers and persons in custody

To ensure the safety of the flight, the transportation of these categories of passengers, accompanying persons, weapons, special equipment must be agreed with the Airline in advance (at least 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure).

Passengers are accepted for transportation on Airline flights without intermediate landings.

Boarding of these persons is carried out before the start of passenger boarding, disembarkation – last of all, passengers are placed in the rear part of the cabin, passengers are prohibited from being placed near emergency exits. If the passengers are accompanied by security guards, then the guards are provided with seats nearby.

Persons expelled from the country by state authorities due to the expiration of the registration period or visa, for political reasons or at the end of the term of imprisonment are accepted for transportation without accompanying persons.

Persons expelled from the country by state authorities, according to the decision on the extradition of a criminal due to involvement in a criminal event, the trial of which has not yet taken place, are accepted for transportation only accompanied by at least two employees of the body (for one deportee) performing police functions, and only after coordination of transportation with the competent authorities of the respective states and coordination with Armenian Airlines LLC.

The ticket for the transportation of the deported person is paid for by the state authorities of the country that made the decision on deportation.

The number of escorts (guards) must be at least 3 people per escort. With each subsequent escort, the composition of the guard increases by one person.

When escorting convicts and persons in custody on board an aircraft, the guards perform the task of escorting without firearms. Firearms and ammunition during the pre-flight inspection are accepted for the duration of the flight by an authorized employee of the airport aviation security service and are transported in a lockable metal box in the baggage compartment of the aircraft and are issued to the persons of the guard at the arrival airport in a specially designated place.

In case of a long delay (1.5 hours or more) of the departure of the aircraft, the escorted are transferred by the guard from the aircraft to a room allocated by the airport administration, isolated from passengers.

Transportation of passengers with increased comfort

Airline passengers, depending on the brand and booking class, may be provided with a high-comfort transportation service, namely:

  • visiting the business lounge at the airport;
  • high-comfort seats in a separate cabin of the aircraft;
  • service, including the provision of a special diet, soft and alcoholic beverages, additional household equipment on board the aircraft.