Rules for the use of electronic devices

  • At all stages of the flight: mobile phones /smartphones, tablets, e-books, electronic watches, cameras, video cameras, portable voice recorders and other electronic devices that do not have data exchange functions (GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) or switched to offline mode (airplane mode), as well as hearing aids, pacemakers, other portable/portable equipment needed for medical purposes.
  • At the stages of boarding passengers and in flight: laptops/ netbooks with the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth function turned off

Mobile phones/smartphones, tablets that do not have the ability to switch to offline mode (airplane mode), pagers, wireless headphones, satellite phones, radios, radio transmitters, walkie-talkies, amateur radios, remote-controlled devices/toys, wireless microphones.

On aircraft equipped with a "TURN OFF PHONES" light board, the use of electronic devices is allowed after the light board is turned off.

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