Refund of transportation documents

The refund of the carriage fee is made by Armenian Airlines LLC or on its behalf by an authorized agent at the place of payment for transportation.

The amount of the refunded amounts for the unused transportation document is determined by the Rules for the Application of Tariffs of Armenian Airlines LLC.

The list of expenses actually incurred by Armenian Airlines LLC related to the fulfillment of obligations under the passenger air transportation agreement and withheld from the passenger is determined by the authorized body in the field of civil aviation.

Upon termination of the passenger air transportation agreement on the initiative of Armenian Airlines LLC due to the actions of the passenger provided for in Articles 37 and 38 of the Law "On Aviation" of the Republic of Armenia, the passenger will not be refunded the carriage fee paid for air transportation.

If a passenger is forced to refuse transportation, he is refunded the amount determined taking into account the following provisions:

  • if the transportation was not completed, the entire amount paid for the transportation will be refunded;
  • if the carriage was partially completed, the amount corresponding to the cost of the remaining unfulfilled part of the carriage is refunded;
  • if the passenger has concluded an air carriage agreement for the passenger, which provides for the condition of non-refund of the carriage fee upon termination of the passenger air carriage agreement, the carriage fee paid for the passenger's air carriage is not refunded, except for unused amounts charged by the carrier in favor of other organizations in accordance with the legislation of foreign states, from the territories on the territory or through the territories of which the air carriage is carried out. passenger transportation.

In case of a passenger's forced refusal from transportation, Armenian Airlines LLC is obliged to send the passenger, with his consent, on one of the nearest flights to the destination indicated in the passenger's transportation document, or to refund the passenger the cost of transportation or part of the cost of transportation – for an unused section of transportation without withholding a fee.

The refund to passengers of the sums of money paid for the carriage performed under the aircraft chartering agreement (air charter) is made by the person to whom the passenger paid the cost of the carriage performed under the aircraft chartering agreement (air charter), in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

The refund of the carriage fee for an unused transportation document is made to the person specified in these documents, or to the person who paid for this transportation, upon presentation of a document certifying such payment and a document certifying the identity and the right to receive these amounts (a notarized power of attorney – for individuals or a power of attorney certified by an authorized body of a legal entity – for representatives of legal entities), or to an authorized person – upon presentation of an identity document and a document confirming the right to receive sums of money.

The refund of amounts for unused, partially used (paper) transportation document is made only upon presentation to Armenian Airlines LLC or its agent of the flight coupon and unused flight coupons of the passenger ticket, as well as an order of various fees, an electronic multipurpose document, a receipt for payment of excess baggage, receipts of various fees.

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