Checked baggage

The passenger's baggage is accepted for carriage upon check-in at the departure airport. Armenian Airlines LLC or a service organization they give the passenger a numbered baggage tag for each piece of checked baggage. The luggage tag is designed to identify luggage. To indicate special conditions of carriage , a special signal baggage tag is additionally attached to the checked baggage.

The weight of one piece of baggage must not exceed 50 kilograms, with the exception of a wheelchair used by a passenger with disabilities and other persons with disabilities. Baggage of a larger weight is processed and transported as cargo. During international transportation, other restrictions may be imposed on the maximum weight, overall dimensions, and the number of checked baggage in connection with the current regulations and state requirements of the airport (point) of departure, airport (point) of transfer and/or airport (point) appointments. Armenian Airlines LLC has the right to refuse to accept baggage for carriage as checked baggage, the weight and size of which does not meet these requirements.

From the moment of delivery of the checked baggage for carriage until the moment of its delivery, the passenger's access to the baggage is prohibited, except in cases of its identification or additional inspection by the relevant services.

Baggage clearance with a "Limited Liability" tag

The "Limited Liability" tag (Limited Release) is an identifying baggage tag and must contain the following information:

  • passenger's full name;
  • the route, the destination to which the baggage is being processed (codes airports);
  • flight number with Airline code;
  • connecting point, if available (airport code);
  • number.

The "Limited liability" tag applies in the following cases:

  • hand luggage and items exceeding the established norms are accepted for carriage in the baggage and cargo compartment as checked baggage. The passenger is obliged to pay for the carriage of this baggage at special baggage rates. All baggage carried in the baggage - cargo compartment must be inspected by the aviation security service (transport security unit) for the absence of prohibited items and substances in it;
  • transportation of fragile, improperly packed baggage, as well as baggage with damaged packaging, in respect of which the Airline declares limitation of its liability. In this case, the tag is marked with the type of baggage, the location, the nature of the damage to the package, as well as the passenger's signature, which confirms the acceptance of the Airline's limited liability for the carriage of such baggage.

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